Best snorkelling islands in the Caribbean

The beginning of the excitement

Wandering past the bronzed couple at the photo kiosk in the supermarket, you can’t help but notice the photos they are scrolling through on the screen. Pictures taken from a hotel room balcony looking out over an ocean so glistening and bright, it hurts just looking at it. More pictures taken under water so clear that every brightly coloured stripe on the smallest fish is defined. Suddenly, your own holiday choice is made.

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Now that your mind is firmly set on a snorkelling holiday in the Caribbean, it’s time to find out the best snorkelling islands in the Caribbean. First, it’s worth checking with friends and family if they have any knowledge of this type of holiday and asking them where they would recommend as a starting point. Next, have a look online for the top 5 all inclusive Caribbean resorts, to give you an idea of the prices you would be likely to pay and then take it from there.

Browsing the islands

Browsing the islands to see what they have on offer would be the next move, but beware, as the beauty that awaits could make this a difficult choice. From the top choice of snorkelling island in the Caribbean, Grand Cayman, to St John, the best environmentally protected island, there are plenty options to suit every taste. With so many options to choose from, generally there will also be destinations available to suit every budget.

It may even be worthwhile visiting more than one island, to gain different experiences. Dominica’s Champagne Reef is said to be well worth a look, or you may be more interested in the longest reef in the Western Hemisphere, located on Belize. Whatever tickles your fancy, there are plenty resources out there, such as, where you can browse the best of the best.

There will certainly be no shortage of resources online to find not only the best snorkelling islands in the Caribbean, but something to suit every taste and budget. With plenty on offer on all of these islands, the search should certainly be a pleasurable one. It is also worth checking prices for package holidays and comparing them with the price of booking everything separately to be sure of getting the best deal.