Cutting operational costs – how to cut down business mailing costs

One of the biggest financial strains on businesses is mailing and shipping costs, but there are some easy ways to cut down these costs.

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Tips for reducing cost of shipments

The first step to take when implementing changes to your operational methods is to shop around. By consulting multiple carriers, you can negotiate a deal that suits you and the volume of shipping that your company deals with. The ParcelHub website features some of the best couriers for small companies: Once you’ve found your match, you might find that you save some extra money by using the packaging provided by that carrier.

Don’t feel that you have to register with one of the leading shipping companies like UPS or FedEx, as you may find that there are smaller, local companies offering the same services for a fraction of the price. For instance, if you often send or collect large shipments, but don’t always have the time to wait days for couriers, a local courier service might be better equipped to meet your needs.

Benefits of booking shipments online

Should you wish to cut down on carrier costs, however, you might like to consider arranging shipping online. If you use Membership Management Systems (see to organise important aspects of your business, you might like the fact that you can easily add operational elements like online shipping in to such tools too.

There are numerous companies offering money-saving deals on mailing, if you’re in a position to provide details on the weight and dimensions of the package being sent via their website. Similarly, prepaid shipping can save you a percentage of your usual costs. This method works best when you can plan for regular shipments of items measuring the same size.

Even when booking an online courier, you’re likely to face reasonably high insurance costs. To avoid spending more than you have to, take a look at insurance from third party companies. If you’re using online shipping services frequently, then the savings will soon add up. Finally, though it may seem obvious, it’s very important to know your overall shipping costs, including packaging and insurance, before you bill your customer, so that you can ensure that they cover the fee as part of the transaction.