How to childproof a rental property

Everyone knows that you can’t wrap your children in cotton wool but some simple childproofing can ensure that you can really relax and enjoy your rented property. If you don’t own your home, you may not want to spend a fortune on making changes, but these simple childproofing techniques are affordable and effective.

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The lounge

Keep dangerous items out of reach. This includes obvious items such as flexes and matches and things like unlit candles which can present a choking risk. Also, keep ornaments and photo frames out of the way, particularly if glass is involved, and wall mount a television if you have one in the room.

Other important things to remember are to keep plug sockets covered or hidden by furniture and remove tripping hazards such as discarded toys. This can instantly improve the safety of a rented home found through a Gloucester estate agency, rental experts in any part of the country or a private landlord.

The bedroom

Make sure that windows have guards or prevent them from opening more than three inches. Remove any suffocation hazards from sleep spaces and cut the loop on blinds to remove the strangulation hazard. More information about this can be found on the Window Covering Safety Council website at

If your child is ever likely to spend any time in the room alone, including in the middle of the night, ensure that any choking hazards are put away. Dressers and wardrobes also need to be secured to the wall or the floor to prevent tipping injuries. Most landlords and letting and estate agents such as will allow you to do this but make sure you ask permission first.

The kitchen

There are so many potential hazards in the kitchen that a safety gate can be a worthwhile investment to prevent children from getting in if you’re not around. You should also ensure that cleaning products and hazardous materials are kept well out of reach or in a locked cupboard.

Keep dishwashing and washing detergents hidden and make sure that dishwashers and washing machines are locked to prevent small children from getting to anything dangerous within. Don’t ever leave a child in the kitchen if there’s hot food or liquids around, even if they’re in the microwave, and invest in a stove guard or remove knobs when not in use.