How to organise an amazing stag do

A stag do is an incredibly important event that has to strike a balance between fun and affordability. It can also be very stressful if you are given the task of organising one, but with these top tips, you should be able to create a package that is perfect.

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The Invitations

Deciding who to invite on a stag do is tricky because the success or failure of the entire event could hang in the balance based on the guest list alone. For the best results, all you have to think about is whether or not a potential invitee will improve the experience for the stag; if not, they are best left off the list.

If this seems a little harsh, a great way to get around hurting any feelings is to set aside a night for a second-tier stag do, preferably a simple affair at an inexpensive pub, that all and sundry can attend. That way you can avoid being stuck in Latvia with the stag’s odd second cousin.

The Cost

Celebrities have helped to popularise hugely expensive stag dos that involve jetting off to exotic locations and spending a fortune in the process. For most people, this is not just unrealistic but could mean that you end up excluding a lot of the people who should really be there.

This makes it important to be realistic about the budget and considerate about how much you intend to spend, factoring in everything from accommodation and food to alcohol and activities. With so many great options available in the UK, there is no need to head overseas if you want to have affordable fun.

The Activities

From outdoor activities like paintballing and go-karting to indoor adventures such as brewery tours, the list of potential things to do with your mates on a stag is endless.

You might consider intriguing, high-octane activities like the tank experience offered by companies such as There is nothing like hopping onboard a heavy-duty military machine to get the adrenaline pumping.

Make sure you tailor the activities you pick to the number of people who are coming on the stag do. The size of the group is crucial in determining if a particular activity will be enjoyable or tedious, so plan carefully and everything should work out well in the end.