The unusually creative ways that people work from home

When you can’t get a seat on the train – again – or the noise in the office means you can’t concentrate, the idea of working from home seems very tempting. No more wasting time and money travelling to the office – you can simply get up and be ready to start work. If all you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi, you can do your job from anywhere. More people are taking the plunge and finding some unusually creative ways to work from home. Ideally, you should find a room where you will not be disturbed by your family or pets during office hours.

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Getting away from it all

If your job is creative, you may need a view to help your imagination run wild; for example, some people are taking to the water to work. Writers may find a narrow boat or canal boat gives them the peace they need to work without disturbance, while the views enable them to think better. On the Vrumi website, you can rent a boat with Wi-Fi in London for £25 a day during normal office hours or a houseboat for £80 with a table that seats eight, a projector, printer, and flipchart for presentations or brainstorming.

Finding work space in your home

It is important to find the right space in your house to work so that you can store your files or other documents. This could mean a loft conversion or demolishing the cupboard under the stairs to make a space for your desk. If you are a chef or baker, you can test the water with a new business from your own kitchen with very little financial risk.

Garden studios are a great option for home working, providing a sanctuary for you to work in peace. You will need to put in electricity, but you can pick up the Wi-Fi from your home. Garden studios, which are available from suppliers such as, come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges to provide office space at home and can be fitted out to suit your precise working needs.

If you decide to work from home, it is important not to feel isolated. Solutions include holding meetings in your office, attending networking events with like-minded business people, or booking into a co-working space from time to time.