What are the hottest home accessory trends right now?

Everywhere you went in 2016, candles and blankets looked back; for 2017, this trend continues. Scandinavian chic looks set to grow, taking over our lives in addition to our home decor. With words such as ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’) cropping up everywhere, we all looked to embrace the lifestyle of cosiness, contentment and simplicity. We filled our homes with candles and fairy lights, and wrapped up in fluffy blankets to drink tea and eat cake.

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For this year, there is most definitely a place for hygge, but update it by keeping it traditional and pared back.

Embracing hygge

There is no direct translation into English for hygge, but it goes beyond décor – it is a way of living, a state of mind. This does not mean that everything has to be white or faux fur; instead, it takes into account more mindfulness and more focus on how we spend time and who we spend it with. However you decorate your home, it should demonstrate that you have family and friends and that the home is somewhere you enjoy spending time.

The candles and cuppas help the Danes to get through long Scandinavian winters, of course, but the concept carries on through the rest of the year. Follow Elle Decor’s advice and inject some Nordic charm into your home.

What else?

In complete contrast to the whites and greys of Scandi-style, dark woods and furniture are on the up. Pick lovely, rich tones for coffee tables, consoles or side tables and classic highlights for your scheme. Dark greens and navy will be big and are an easy way to inject some class and sophistication into a room to make it feel calm.

Simplicity has been big for a while and this year you will be able to step away from this slightly with more carefully-chosen accessories to highlight or complement.

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There is no law that says you must embrace Scandi-style, of course, so go with whatever you feel is right for you; for example, perhaps you could take inspiration from another part of the world.